The Visionary Behind Faizan E Tajul Auliya

Revered with the Guru Dronacharya Award for his enduring contribution in the field of education, Mr. Ajay Jawahar Kaul is a man with boundless fortitude. A member of the Mumbai Civil Society, a veteran educationist and a committed activist with a benevolent heart, he stands tall as an unwavering pillar of our society.

Mr. Kaul has set unparalleled standards with his work in various fields. His efforts towards social development, education, communal harmony, health awareness, women and youth welfare, amongst copious other social initiatives, have inspired communities for the past three decades.

The seed of Ekata Manch was sown in Mr. Kaul’s heart during the communal riots of 1992-1993 in Mumbai. The horrific impact of the agitation and brutality had a deep impact on his mind and moved him to launch a movement that would promote communal harmony, paving the way for the birth of EkataManch.